Flying first class to Hong Kong at Loose Valley Care Home

We had so much fun with our flight out to Hong Kong (First Class of course!) from Loose Valley Care Home.

We got everyone boarded with ‘seatbelts on’ and had a safety demonstration. We even watched the lift off from the view of the cockpit – a pilot’s eye view – with the sounds of the engines and talk on the radio from the control centre!

As soon as we took off we came around with the drinks trolley serving tea, coffee, sherry, wine and fruit juices, together with a selection of cakes and biscuits.

In flight we watched the television, with announcements and views from the windows, as we looked out over the small buildings that were so far away, as we increased in height and speed.

We had our passports and boarding cards stamped on arrival at Hong Kong International Airport.

Captain Paula was serving the wine….we’re not sure who was flying the plane!!