Cruising back to traditional English celebrations at Loose Valley Care Home

Our Loose Valley Care Home residents and staff have landed back in Blighty after flying back from the Caribbean and celebrating the end of our wonderful Nellsar Cruise.

We hosted a quiz including ‘royal‘, ‘sayings‘ and a ‘picture landmark‘ round, all with prizes – some English tea in a beautiful picture box and London pens!

We even had our photos taken by Big Ben and a red phone box!

Our residents enjoyed a traditional roast dinner, followed by a choice of delicious apple pie and ice cream, or strawberry trifle, all handmade by our new Chef Dee.

Passports were stamped as we ended our wonderful journey all over the world on our special cruise ship with Nellsar Cruises.

Tea and cakes were served for afternoon tea to finish off our marvellous travels.

What fun we’ve had!