Christmas party time at Loose Valley Care Home

We hosted our very jolly Christmas party here at Loose Valley Care Home on Monday 9 December.

Musical duo PJ & Rose came in to entertain us with Christmas carols, hymns, accordion music and fun Christmas songs, like ‘Santa Claus is coming to town‘. They put on a wonderful show and everyone enjoyed the afternoon of singing; we had our best singing voices at the ready and knew all the words!

When it came to ‘Jingle Bells‘ being sung, Recreation and Well-Being Champion Paula went to get our musical instruments, so we all had plenty of bells to shake and maracas to clack!

Paula also dressed as a very fetching Santa and went around to see everyone, ho ho ho-ing!!

Our Chef Glen put on a wonderful cooked buffet spread for us which was delicious and complemented by refreshing cocktails of mixed orange juice and lemonade.

A fantastic festive event, enjoyed by all.