Chick rescue at Loose Valley Care Home

On Tuesday 23 July here at Loose Valley Care Home, our Domestic Assistant Debbie brought in a baby chick hatched from one of our Silke chicken eggs.

Our chickens did not know what to do with the chick and backed away from it and wanted nothing to do with it – poor little mite!

So Debbie came to the rescue and incubated it and fed it, giving it body warmth tucked down her t-shirt!

All our residents absolutely loved this little creature and we’re all in love with it! We’ve had lots of ‘oh’s and ah’s’ from everyone, and lots of holding and stroking the baby, which has been so special to see.

The chickens in the coop have another egg, but they keep backing away from this one too, so Debbie might have to step in and be Mummy again.

Thank you Debbie for being such a good mother hen!