Celebrating the Chelsea Flower Show at Loose Valley Care Home

Loose Valley’s Chelsea blooms

On Tuesday 24 May, we took a virtual trip to Chelsea Flower Show with our residents at Loose Valley Care Home.

The show is the floral equivalent to London Fashion Week with flowers and we dazzled with our colourful flowers at Loose Valley’s amazing exhibit in the conservatory! Among our display was lobelia in blue small flowers, ivy, white nemesia and gorgeous red impatiens with their large red flowers and dark green foliage.

We gave our display a Jubilee theme for our Queen as she attended ahead of the RHS Chelsea Flower Show opening to the public.

As part of the fun, we ran a Picture Quiz with photos of individual flowers to guess; we had iris, rose, tulip, cherry blossom and daffodil to name a few.

Paula read out facts about how the flower show came to hold its first show back in 1827 in Chiswick, then moved to Temple Gardens on the banks of the Thames between 1888 and 1911, finally moving to the Royal Hospital, Chelsea in 1913.

The Royal Hospital is still home to 300 Chelsea pensioners and the site was founded by Charles II in 1682.

We enjoyed chatting about the exhibits, what the display gardens are like and how the show is so elaborate, even though it only lasts a week when plants go on sale to the public.

Our residents who had been said it was a fantastic show; they had all really enjoyed going but it was a lot of walking as it covers 23 acres with 500 exhibitors!

Snakes and ladders

We also enjoyed an afternoon game of snakes and ladders – lots of fun climbing up the ladders and sliding down the snakes!

This fun little game originated in ancient India as ‘Moksha Patam‘ and was introduced to the UK in 1890.

Four players took it in turns to roll the dice until we got to the end, all of us went down the snakes and only a few up the ladders!