Birthday wishes for Gwyneth at Loose Valley Care Home

On Monday 2 August, Gwyneth celebrated her 95th birthday with us at Loose Valley Care Home.

She had a very special celebration, as her granddaughter, daughter and son-in-law brought in a special birthday picnic to share in one of our guest rooms at the front of our Home.

Gwyneth’s room was decked to the nines with decorations and cards, showing how truly loved and appreciated she is. Her daughter also brought in enormous nine and five balloons! certain positions, people couldn’t read them in the correct order, much to Gwyneth’s delight – she thought she’d fooled us all!

In the afternoon, a chorus of ‘Happy birthday‘ was sung to her, accompanied by tea and a beautiful pink and white iced birthday cake made by our brand new Chef Dee.

What a wonderful day for all involved. Many happy returns Gwyneth!


Foli birthday balloons celebrating a 95th birthday at Loose Valley Care Home

95 or 59…whichever you fancy Gwyneth!