Baby rabbit love at Loose Valley Care Home

This is our little two week old baby bunny which we’ve been lucky enough to have at Loose Valley Care Home for our residents to cuddle.

It’s such a beautiful colour and so sweet! Sadly, it’s mother refused to look after it and it was left in the corner under some straw, in the cold.

Our Head Housekeeper Debby found it and put it in her top to warm it up with her body heat; it is now thriving and being hand-reared.

Our residents loved spending time with it, stroking and cuddling it, together with our other 5 week old white rabbit and larger bunny.

Pet Therapy day is always a firm favourite for residents and staff at Loose Valleyand with fluffy bundles like this one, it’s easy to see why!


Baby rabbit cuddles at Loose Valley Care Home

Fluffy cuddles!