American travels and milkshake bar at Loose Valley Care Home

On Tuesday 26th July, we took a virtual trip to America with our residents at Loose Valley Care Home.

The older we get, the more difficult it can be to see the world, but luckily with every generation, gadgets and technology make life easier and we can create different travel experiences from the comfort of our Home.

Stacey has a jumbo map of the world on our noticeboard and it has colourful pins on it to mark where everyone has travelled to; she has calculated the distances travelled between our staff and residents and gosh it’s a lot of miles!

American States

For our virtual trip to the USA we printed off photos and facts about all the states of America and chatted a little about each one and whether anyone had been there. And yes! We have a lady whose daughter lives out in Atlanta, Georgia and she has visited her several times.

With certain states like Kentucky, we discussed what they were famous for – such as KFC and for horse racing like the Kentucky Derby.

We had plenty of brochures to look through too, and cactus plants stuck to the windows! We talked about the Arizona desert, the Hollywood sign in Los Angeles and San Francisco being famous for Alcatraz prison – chatting about the people who did manage to escape, even though it was meant to be escape-proof, being surrounded by treacherous waters.

We had fun singing songs with American states in their title, including ‘New York, New York’, ‘Georgia on my Mind’, ‘San Francisco (Be Sure To Wear Flowers In Your Hair)’, ‘Kentucky Rain‘ and many more!

Milkshake bar

We created a colourful ‘all American’ milkshake bar on our trolley, with strawberry or chocolate shakes to choose from.

It really stood out with a red and white stripy roof and lots of adverts and pictures of milkshakes.

With tall glasses, stripy straws, fresh strawberries and raspberries, chocolate buttons and sauces served with squirty cream, it was a delicious treat which our residents loved!

We all really enjoyed the different aspects of America and we’re ready to travel again!

Where next?

Africa will be our next destination – the wild savanna, game animals and safari suits at the ready!

Coming soon, the wonders of Egypt, pyramids and Valley of the Kings. Then on to Malaysia, Thailand and China.

We’ll finish up with a visit to Greece, then fly to Netherlands and Holland to see the tulips of Amstedam.

We can’t wait!