A celebration of Nutrition and Hydration Week at Loose Valley Care Home

We’ve all been thoroughly enjoying a week packed with tastes and flavours here at Loose Valley Care Home, as we’ve come together to mark Nutrition and Hydration Week:


On the first day of this special week, we transformed our conservatory into a Hawaiian paradise for ‘Mocktail Monday’. We had a selection of tropical fruit juices including mango, pineapple, coconut, along with fresh fruits to enjoy as we promoted good hydration and its importance.

We also had a bottle of Nosecco (non-alcoholic Prosecco) to go with the fruit juices which our residents enjoyed plenty of glasses of! In the afternoon, we enjoyed some fun entertainment – beer pong, ping pong and tin can alley. Our residents love to get moving and exercise, so this was great fun all round!


On Tuesday we had a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party as part of the Global Afternoon Tea event, here at Loose Valley. We had decorations galore, lots of different hats to choose from, themed bingo along with sweet prizes, fizzy fruity drinks and, most importantly – tea and cake!

Our residents gathered in our conservatory for fun and games and we had lots of laughs picking everyone a hat to wear, with everybody really getting involved. A selection of yummy cakes were on offer and anyone who didn’t want a hot drink could try some fizzy fruity juice, which went down a treat. Our bingo was Alice in Wonderland themed, with some lovely prizes. Everyone had a fabulous time!


‘Tasting Tuesday’ came a day late at Loose Valley, so we called it ‘Give it a Whirl Wednesday’! Hayley from our Recreation and Well-Being Team arranged an array of foods and drinks for our residents to try and guess what they were. To make things a little harder (as we all ‘eat with our eyes’) we changed the consistency of some of the foods, meaning nothing looked like it should! Some were things we have every day, while others were a little different – one was milk made into a set custard consistency, another was mashed banana and another was a drink made into jelly!

We did a group tasting session and then Hayley went around our residents’ rooms to make sure everyone had a go! Great fun!